Demi-buff mink Top Lot bought by DIVINE FURS at NAFA Auction

Demi-buff female mink Top Lot was bought by DIVINE FURS of Mr.Papadakis at NAFA June Auction of 2016. The bid was placed and won by Ms. Athina Ditsiou, the daughter of fur skins broker Mr. Makis Ditsios from Kastoria.

DIVINE FURS has been evolving into a great designer and manufacturer of high fashion fur garments. The mink top lot bought in Toronto's NAFA signifies the high quality mink garments produced in Kastoria by DIVINE.The company has set a clear objective and that is no other than the highest quality craftsmanship on the best fur skins available.

DIVINE FURS, established and operating in Kastoria by Mr.George Papadakis, Greece, continues to impress with new mink models every year.